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by - 12:49 PM

Greetings lovelies!

It sure has been a long time!

Here's what's been happening in my life over the missing years:

- Got engaged
- Got married
- Moved from Jamaica to my new home in South Florida with my husband
- Currently starting new life in this new country


Now to backtrack. In 2010, this blog 'Makeup and More' won the Jamaica Blog Awards for best Beauty and Lifestyle blog and I was so thrilled! Since then this blog has encountered some growing pains, one of which was my decision to leave Blogger and use Wordpress to create and entirely new blog, which in the end didn't work out as planned.

I have decided to re-launch this blog and get back in touch with my love of blogging starting completely from scratch (hence the lack of past posts that I made).

For my followers, thank you for sticking with this blog and I look forward to posting in the future and hearing from you all.

Much love always,

Shelly L.

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